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Communication is a basic need of human beings.

Our main purpose is to provide comprehensive services for speech, language, voice, communication and swallowing to our clients, both, children and adults. To handle such difficulties mutually, we have a young and highly motivated team in our clinic in Landstuhl, very close to Ramstein Air Base and we have also locations on site the military bases Baumholder and Spangdahlem. We like our profession! The individual itself has priority – we focus our work on the personality of each client, not only on the symptom of a disease. We believe every individual deserves the opportunity of developing and achieving the best communication skills possible.

We treat people of all ages.

On the following pages you can find an overview of our service portfolio.

We accept ALL American insurances.

Consultation, diagnostics and treatment also possible in English or bilingual German/English as well as in Spanish!

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Jeannette Kruft


“Communication is something so simple and so difficult that we can never put it in simple words.”

T.S. Matthews